Terms & Condition

The Company

DhobiXpress is the best Laundry, Dry Clean and Steam Press Service provider by offering quality services with world class experience and value for money. DhobiXpress is providing onlinethis Membership Registration Form to its customers. The terms andconditions of this Registration Form govern the services to its customers. By completing and authorizing the MembershipRegistration Form, you are agreeing to be bound by theTerms and Conditions which are incorporated by the reference hereto.

Terms & Conditions

The services shall be dry clean, laundry and steam pressing and other related services which are offered or made available by DhobiXpress.DhobiXpress shall have the right to impose additional terms and conditions applicable for the use of any services by the customers.

TheTerms and Conditions would also include:-

1.     Membership offered by DhobiXpress will be accepted only upon receiving the Form duly filled and signed.

2.     While every possible care and efforts are taken. DhobiXpress is not responsible for fastness of color or shrinkage of garments anddoes not guarantee 100% stain removal.

3.     DhobiXpress billing will be direct and does not presume any credit facilities.

4.     Membership is not transferable and it will be the responsibility of theCustomer to inform any change whatsoever.

5.     DhobiXpress will not entertain any claim whatsoever, if original receipts not presented at the time of taking delivery.

6.     Customers are requested to examine their garments before taking delivery and we are not responsible for any damage after delivery.

7.     Every efforts is made to deliver clothes in time, but to some uncontrollable circumstances, if the delivery becomes late the customer isnot entitled to any compensation or reduction in the charges.

8.     Liability of garments lost or damaged is limited to10 times the invoice rate of that garment, if claimed within 30 days (except small pieces like handkerchief, scarf, undergarments etc.).

9.     GovernmentTaxes shall be extra, if applicable.

10.    Rates are subject to change without notice.

11.    DhobiXpress reserves the right of approval of items that can be laundered, dry cleaned or steam pressed.

12.    We do not process innerwear for hygiene reasons.

Customer represents:-

1.     Customers are solely responsible for the data given by them in the Registration Form.

2.     Customer shall agree to theTerms and Conditions which are incorporated herewith and displayed in the Registration Form.

3.     Customer covenants that the data given by him is correct and true.

4.     Customer shall not infringe upon the proprietary rights of DhobiXpress.

5.     Customer agrees to receive newsletter, SMSs, E-mail etc. in respect of service provided by DhobiXpress.


DhobiXpress has absolute discretion to suspend or restrict or expel the membership of any customer without notice for any reason, including the breach of these Terms &Conditions, which are of the violation of its rules and regulations.

Intellectual Property:-

Customer acknowledges and agrees that all intellectual Property Right which are provided by the DhobiXpress during rendering of servicesshall remain the property of DhobiXpress.

Governing Law:-

These Terms and Conditions and any claim arising from the use of services shall be governed by the construed in accordance with the laws inforce in India.


DhobiXpress and Customer hereby agree that any action or suit to enforce any right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions or theMembership Registration Form or to interpret any provisions of theseTerms and Conditions or the Membership Registration Form.